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Geordi Mitchell

I have always been impressed by the bass playing of Pete Quaife. I never had the privelige of meeting him and I always as a teenager dreamed of playing the bass guitar. I never realised my dream of playing the bass guitar, I learned to play brass and my choice of instrument was the Bass in the brass band. Pete certainly had some influence in my choice of instrument...

Pete Smith

Pete was always great fun, his cartoon drawing was professional status even at that age and always had our class (5th Engineering) in stitches. Ray Davies was also in our class who I had a fight with and ended up almost strangled. Pete was on the side line and I think rescued me.

He (Pete) never got the credit he deserved for being in the kinks. To  me he was the major founder.

Ed Jones

"As a fan of The Kinks music, like many others I always focussed on Ray's songwriting or Dave's guitar. Getting to know Pete's brother David naturally made me listen to Pete's bass playing more closely. However, it wasn't until my band started to rehearse Waterloo Sunset that I realised that the bass holds the whole song together. Since then it has become obvious just how integral Pete's bass was to The Kinks. They lost so much when Pete left in my opinion" 

"Best of luck to the PQF - it’s a great idea and deserves to be a huge success" 

Eulogy by Dave Davies

I am overwhelmed with emotion- I literally can't speak- we might never have done any of this without him- Pete was right there at the very beginning - he was a friend and a brother to me-family- me and Pete never argued about anything -WE knew - and he really got it-ALL of it-I Loved him so much- In my naivety I kind o...f thought we would work again together- - I am shocked beyond words - without Pete there would have been NO Kinks- we went to school together and shared the best times, growing up- we learnt music together as we went along , he was a great musician -you could always trust his playing, creative input, intuitive response to musical ideas-and we taught each other riffs and ideas and shared a common bond of Love, Loyalty and deep friendship-I am in a state of complete disbelief- I knew he was ill - but his cheeky intelligence and optimistic nature would make any one believe that he would Live forever- and in a way Peter Alexandra Greenlaw Quaife you will live in my heart and inner being FOREVER- God Bless you Pete- dear sweet generous - mad and Unique friend- I will never be the same-And I thank God for knowing and working with you - that you enriched and Blessed my Life with your sense of fun. wit, intelligence and passion; and

optimism- A True musician- a True artist and an immensely gifted Man full of Life and Love -who was never really given the credit he deserved for his contribution and involvement - - I Love You Pete ! The Kinks were never really the Kinks without you......

All my Love

Dave Davies

Eulogy by Mick Avory

Peter Quaife, Krutch Quelch, to his friends was a very friendly chap and easy to get along with. He was a very innovative bass player for the time and played on all the early important Kinks records. He enjoyed being unpredictable and would always surprise you with something ,like turning up at gigs on a scooter in his mod outfit. He actually turned up at the airport once with a small hand bag to do a four week tour of America. Sometimes we would make cruel jokes about him, but he would just shrug it off and rise above it. 

He also liked to fantasize and tell tall stories. He once tried to convince me that he was developing a square tomato to fit better in a sandwich,  but eventually gave it up as a bad job and invented a round loaf instead. 

 In more recent times I had the pleasure of meeting him at the American  Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Awards in 1990,The British Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and had a enjoyable weekend in Holland when he guested with the Kast Off Kinks. Fortunately we still have film and pics of Pete at those events.

Pete was certainly a one off and fitted in well with being a Kink.Sadly he suffered with bad health in recent years which prevented him from being able to even consider  a reunion. But he will be remembered with great affection. 

Sincerely, Mick

Eulogy by Ray Davies

None available