The Universal 

As sharp musically as they are in attire, Liverpool quartet The Universal apply timeless values of upbeat melodic British songwriting to a sharp-dressed model.

The band are based around singer, guitarist and songwriter Terry Shaughnessy, who brings a deep-seated love of classic vintage guitar music. Growing up in Liverpool, the ambience of the Beatles was a happily accepted ever-present, but with two Uncles playing in bands, another two Uncles being avid record collectors and a Mother an active member of the Small Faces fan club, Shaughnessy's musical education came steeped in classic values of songs with creativity, individuality and fire in the belly. The Universal are completed with lead guitarist Piet Koehorst, Dave Ormsby on drums and Gary Chambers on Bass.

With their passionate, driving musical vision, an acute fashion-sense and Shaughnessy's motto of 'musician minus ego plus fire', The Universal are known for their hard work and energetic live shows.


Tracks donated by The Universal

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