The Mynd Set

This dynamic four-piece based in Hertfordshire are the unrivaled masters of melding 1967 and 2067 into one big ball of unstoppable psychedelic fuzz. Although their music - led by the songwriting duo of guitarist Leon Hewitt and organist Parsley the Lion – is noticeably unique in its presentation, they consider The Kinks to be among their biggest influences. One can see similarities between the bands: by mixing the rowdy blues of yesteryear with the new sounds of the time, Pete Quaife and company gave us a taste of what was to come many years later. Similarly, leon Hewitt, Parsley, Chris Punter and Glyn Tomlinson are reminding us of the cream of the sixties whilst reinforcing the best of today's music. And in effect, are showing us the future is very, very bright indeed.

The band are delighted to cover the classic 1965 track “Sitting' On My Sofa” as well as provide, an original composition.

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