pete quaife

As a guitarist  Pete Quaife is often best remembered  for playing a Rickenbacker bass during his time with The Kinks.

Many people have contacted the PQ Foundation to ask for further details about his guitar. The following gives an outline from comments made by Pete over the years and from historical records and observations.

The  Rickenbacker bass Pete played was officially designated as a Rose-Morris model 1999 and was a special export order for the London based distributor. In the USA this type of model was known as the 4001S. 

The RM 1999 was a solid bodied electric bass guitar with two pickups, dot inlays on the fretboard and no binding to the edge of the main body. The colour finish was known as Fireglow.

Petes first Rickenbacker was manufactured in Feb 1964 and he is widely regarded as being the first person in the UK to own a RM1999. The second person was John Entwistle from The Who and the third Chris Squire,  later from Yes.

Pete purchased this RM1999 in 1964 from the Boosey and Hawkes music store in London at a cost of 166gns (£170)

This first Rickenbacker developed a warped neck during The Kinks European tour in 1965 and so Pete replaced this with a second RM1999 in late 1965.

Pete also owned a later 1970s RM1999 that was finished in a redburst colour.

More to come at a later date.....