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donated by Eileen Williams

Drifting in a broken dream

This is a powerful novel of, and about, the ‘swinging sixties’. Bringing back nostalgic memories of that era – a time of flower power, of hippies, of dancing to live bands, of peace and love, and ban-the-bomb idealism.

It is written by a professional dancer who saw what sometimes went on behind the apparent glamour of the sixties pop scene, who witnessed the infamous drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll at close quarters.

The author has produced an explosive and gripping account of her two leading characters who loved, and lusted after, each other through good times and bad – leaving in their wake a string of broken lovers, friends, and enemies – but always returning to each other, inseparable through a mysteriously sinister bond.

A well written and thoroughly recommended good read.

Eden's Rose

Rosaleen was seven years old when her new neighbor Ed Gold moved in. They became friends, eventually becoming teenage sweethearts. We follow their lives from the sixties to the eighties, dealing with childhood innocence, teenage sexual awakenings and deception.

They go their separate ways, with Rosie marrying a rich man and Ed becoming a gigolo in France, falling into the clutches of the beautiful Francine who heads a mysterious cult. After Francine’s death, mayhem follows as Ed returns to claim his sweetheart. Rosie is head strong, beautiful passionate woman and Ed will stop at nothing to make her his very own Eden’s Rose.

The story is set in Romford and surrounding areas, with many references to the Rex cinema and other memorabilia. This is the prequel to the novel Drifting in a broken dream, Ed and Cathy’s love story which contains sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

Dancing with the devil

The dance with the devil begins in 1983 when a young man is discovered in a car park, the apparent victim of a mugging. A young girl is seduced by a Latin lover and a loving husband unable to cope with fame an alcoholic driving his wife into the arms of his best friend. As the tempo speeds up a little Lolita indulges in forbidden love, and a sworn enemy returns ordering a ritualistic murder that makes Jack the Ripper look like an amateur.

The relentless frenzied dance continues leaving a trail of death, deeestruction and causalities. The millennium beckons but who will live to see it?

Dancing with the devil completes the trilogy by Elena Rose as the sequel to Eden’s Rose and Drifting in a broken dream.