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Welcome to the Pete Quaife Foundation! Thank you for coming by we are always happy to get a visit from long-time fans and new friends.

Our Quest is to help children.  We give the children what they need to give them a better life and brighter future.

To achieve this we rely on donations, but with a difference as every donation received no matter the amount we will send you downloads of excellent music (see album listings here) just choose the album(s) you would like.

We have published the well acclaimed Pete Quaife Ebook Veritas a Rock and Roll Story, a true slice of Rock and Roll history  - follow the link above to order it. Published by Avalard Publishing.

Many bands, singers, entertainers famous and unsigned have donated music tracks to us. They are now available for you to download, just a donation is required, and you choose the amount to donate.

Please support us helping children, we give the children what they want to make their lives better, to give them a bright and safe future to look forwards to.

Thank you for spending your time reading this

Dedicated to Pete Quaife 1943 - 2010

co-founder of The KinKs